Poppy Massage

1045 NW Bond

Suite 210

Bend, OR  97701




M-F 9am-6pm



   My mission at Poppy Massage is to work along side the medical community and work with you as individuals to facilitate the healing process and maintain healthy mind and muscles through touch.

     Simply put, healthy touch is as essential as pure water, and nutritious food.

Massage facilitates healing from pain caused by injuries from auto accidents, past injuries,overuse injuries caused by activities you do in your daily life. 

Swedish Massage has also been proven to help with Parkinson's Disease, rhemotoid arthritis, and many more. Do some research to see what kind of massage is best for you.

   Poppy Massage uses Swedish massage as a core structure, adding other modalities, to create a flowing rhythmic pattern proven to help soothe depression, back, neck , shoulder, hip stiffness and pain, headaches, stress and anxiety.